Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis Go Dutch on Pizza Bill in Italy

Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis go Dutch

If you were to ever take a model like Hannah Davis out for dinner, chances are you’d be footing every bill that came your way throughout the evening, from the meal, to drinks afterward, to the cab ride home at the end of the night (hopefully to her place). That’s what a real man would do.

As for Derek Jeter, he’s no real man.  He’s a legend.  So when he takes Hannah Davis out for a romantic slice of pizza in Rome, he goes Dutch.

That’s right.  After enjoying a pizza with Davis near the Spanish Steps during their recent Italian vacation, Jeter made the model pay for her half of the bill.

Via NY Daily News:

Jeter — who made hundreds of millions playing for the Yankees — and Davis — who pulls in about $5 million a year modeling — made out and ate pizza near the Spanish Steps in Rome. Then they asked to split the bill, each paying with their AmEx Black Cards (available to those who charge more than $250,000 per year!).

There you have it. Derek Jeter goes Dutch.

Does this make Jeter more appealing or less appealing to women?

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