FIFA President Diego Maradona? Yep, That Sounds Batsh*t Insane (And Awesome)

FIFA president Diego Maradona

If there’s anybody who can clean up FIFA and cut off the flow of dirty money it’s Diego Maradona, a guy with little-to-no self-control and a long history of substance abuse. Right?

Okay, now that I see the words typed out on the screen, yeah, that does sound crazy. But according to a pair of tweets from Uruguayan journalist, author, and former soccer commentator Victor Hugo Morales, Maradona plans to run for president of FIFA anyway.

“He told me he was going to run for president of Fifa and authorised me to inform,” reads the first tweet.”‘I am a candidate’ were the two words Diego Maradona used to answer me when I consulted him about the nomination for the presidency of Fifa,” reads the second.

Of course, there is almost no chance Maradona will become an official candidate for the FIFA presidency, let alone the actual president of FIFA. In order to become a candidate, Maradona would need the supports of five national federations. Given that Brazilian legend Zico also intends to run, and given that FIFA is still corrupt as hell, it’s unlikely that Maradona can get enough support to even get started.

But hey, we can all dream about how insane a Maradona-run FIFA would be. (Cocaine and prostitutes for everybody!)

Hat Tip – [Guardian]

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