There’s a Matthew Dellavedova Movie (or TV Show) in the Works

matthew dellavedova movie

The 2015 NBA Finals produced a number of interesting storylines, like the monster Finals performance of LeBron James and the unlikely but much-deserved MVP win by Andre Iguodala. However, the only storyline that’s inspired a Hollywood movie (so far) is the rise of Matthew Dellavedova.

That’s right. A Matthew Dellavedova movie is currently in the works. Though, to be fair, Dellavedova’s “scrappy” Finals performance didn’t really inspire the movie. The idea for a movie inspired by Delly’s unlikely journey from Australia to NCAA Division I basketball is actually three years old. His performance in the 2015 NBA Finals just provided the spark that revived the dormant project.

An unknown Australian actor named Josh Howlett approached Australian screenwriter and producer Robert Galinsky about making a fictional underdog story loosely inspired by Dellavedova three years ago. However, at the time Dellavedova was just a guard for the St. Mary’s Gaels, and his “story” was not yet the stuff feel-good sports flicks are made of.

Now things are different, and sports fans everywhere know who Matthew Dellavedova is. Thus, there’s renewed interest in the project, and Hollywood producer Jason Shuman (Role Models) has now signed on to produce.

At this point, the fictional project about four Aussie basketball players who go to play basketball in America is still very much in development. But Galinsky said they’ve approached Woody Harrelson and Nick Nolte about playing the coach, so obviously they’re setting their sights pretty high.

That said, they’re not 100% committed to making the project a movie. If someone comes along who wants to turn their idea into a TV show, they’d be cool with that too.

It sounds to me like the idea could work, but it could also turn out to be pretty terrible. We’ll have to wait and see.

Hat Tip – [Sydney Morning Herald]

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