Here’s Muggsy Bogues Playing Airplane with Steph Curry in 1992 (Video)

Muggsy Bogues playing with Steph Curry 1992

In case you wondered how Steph Curry got so damn good at basketball, perhaps it was all due to basketball superpowers transmitted by direct contact with Muggsy Bogues. Not only is this clip just adorable, with the smallest player in the NBA carrying around a toddler, but it also reminds us just how young Steph Curry is.

Dell Curry, Steph’s dad, was a hornet with Muggsy Bogues from 1989 to 1997, so I’m guessing Muggsy was a pretty common character in Steph’s early years.

Here’s the clip:

Stephen Curry is a NBA Champion now but in 1992 he was getting airplane rides from Muggsy Bogues. @videogames

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Steph Curry seems to be enjoying himself. I wonder if they still keep in touch, play some pickup games, and Steph schools the crap out of middle-aged Muggsy.

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