Nina Agdal and Bryce Harper Get Flirty in this New Era Ad (Video)

Nina Agdal

If you’re going to be forced to fake chemistry with someone for an ad, it might as well be someone who’s really, really attractive. And if you’re Nina Agdal, it might as well be Bryce Harper. I mean, he’s pretty accomplished, right?

I’ll be honest, the whole ad is pretty cut-rate, and the premise is weird, but if you are a Bryce Harper fan, or, more likely, a fan of hot women, you’ll probably find this ad is a pretty good use of your time.

Here’s the wacky video, where they compete at everything from blowing bubbles to flipping tires to complex math:

So, buy New Era hats for some reason, I guess. And someone get Bryce Harper some acting lessons ASAP. That look on his face when she “hits” the baseball is ridiculous.

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