Pete Rose Bookie Notebook Proves Hit King Did Bet on Baseball While Playing (Pic)

pete rose bookie notebook

For almost 15 years after being banned from baseball for life, Pete Rose refused to admit that he bet on baseball at all. Then, in 2004, he admitted to it. But Rose insisted he only did it as a manager, and that he never bet against his own team.

It’s those two key distinctions upon which Rose and his supporters have built their case for reinstatement and membership in the Hall of Fame. Yes, they say, it was very wrong for a manager to bet on baseball. But Pete’s accomplishments as a player shouldn’t be tarnished for things he did later in life.

That’s certainly the argument Pete made in his March 2015 application for reinstatement. And it’s the case he has made in interviews since then. “Never bet as a player,” he told ESPN New York 98.7 FM. “That’s a fact.”

Unfortunately for Rose and his supporters, that’s not a fact.

ESPN’s Outside the Lines recently obtained a copy of the long-sought-after Pete Rose bookie notebook confiscated in a 1989 raid by the U.S. Postal Inspection Service. The pages contain five months of betting records from March to July 1986. They show that Rose bet on baseball at least 30 different days during a four month period, and that on 21 of those 30 days, Rose bet on the Reds.

pete rose bookie notebook
Of course, some people probably still don’t think Rose’s gambling is a big deal so long as he wasn’t betting against his team. So let me explain why this is, in fact, a big deal.

When athletes and sports figures gamble with mob-connected bookies and they get in big debt, the mob-connected bookies tend to start turning the screws on them. That often means giving them a choice: either some guy named Jimmy comes and breaks your fingers, or you pay off your debt by fixing games.

Pete Rose placed bets with a mob-connected bookie. Not just as a manager, but as a player too. And when he was banned in 1989, he was hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

Legacy: tarnished.


Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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