Amazonian Fish with Human-Like Teeth Caught in New Jersey Lake (Video)

amazonian fish with human-like teeth

Fishing is pretty much the perfect Father’s Day activity. Unless you catch a creepy fish with human-like teeth. Then it’s not so great.

That’s what happened to New Jersey residents Ron and Frank Rossi on Sunday. They were enjoying a quiet day of fishing on Father’s Day at Swedes Lake in Delran, NJ, when one of them reeled in a fish unlike any they had ever seen—a fish with a full set of what looked eerily like human teeth.

They weren’t human teeth, of course. After researching a bit online, they discovered that they had caught themselves a Pacu, which is a fish with blunt human-like teeth normally found in the Amazon.

How’d the thing get into a man-made lake in New Jersey? According to Lawrence Hajna of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, people often keep Pacus in aquariums. However, they typically outgrow home aquariums, and some owners think they’re being humane by releasing the fish into a local lake.

“It’s unusual,” Hajna explained, “but we get a couple reports every year.”

Of course, as you may have guessed, releasing an Amazonian fish into a New Jersey lake is not humane. It’s stupid. Not only are Pacus invasive omnivores, but they can’t survive a New Jersey winter. So this one would have died anyway.

But hey, at least Ron and Frank get a fun fish story to tell.

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