Did the Broncos Try to Trade Peyton Manning to the Texans?

broncos tried to trade peyton manning

There’s been a dearth of juicy sports news since the NBA and NHL both wrapped up their seasons last week. That means it is the perfect time for a juicy NFL trade rumor.

Conveniently enough, that’s what we have for you today. According to Benjamin Albright of 94.1FM in Denver, the Broncos tried to trade Peyton Manning to the Texans some time between the end of the 2014 NFL season and March 4, when it was announced that Peyton Manning had agreed to restructure his contract for the 2015 season.

The story goes that, after the team decided to fire John Fox and bring in Gary Kubiak, some folks in the organization thought it would be wise to just pull the bandaid all the way off and get the Brock Osweiler era underway.

Of course, a lot of people questioned the veracity of Albright’s report, and the Broncos were quick to unequivocally deny it:

However, there’s a lot that makes sense here. Before the Super Bowl in February, Manning told GM John Elway that he was mentally and physically ready to play in 2015. A few weeks later Manning agreed to restructure his contract and take a $4 million pay cut so the team could add more talent around him. But interestingly, the new deal included a no-trade clause for 2015.

Why would Manning insist on a no-trade clause in his restructured deal if he was confident the Broncos wouldn’t try to move him?

So did the Broncos try to trade Peyton Manning? Definitely maybe.

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