Let’s All Have a Good Laugh at This LeBron James Travelling Supercut (Video)

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Back in May, Phil Jackson did a lengthy interview with Bleacher Report’s Howard Beck about the state of basketball and what he’s trying to do with the Knicks. On Monday, Bleacher Report published the story based on that interview.

The main takeaway? Phil is very unsettled by the extent to which teams today are embracing “individualism” over “structure” when it comes to offense. He sees this as both ineffective and unpleasant to watch.

The minor takeaway that everyone is focusing on? Phil pointed out by way of example that LeBron James travels pretty much every time somebody passes him the ball.

Have a read:

“When I watch some of these playoff games, and I look at what’s being run out there, as what people call an offense, it’s really quite remarkable to see how far our game has fallen from a team game. Four guys stand around watching one guy dribble a basketball. I watch LeBron James, for example. He might [travel] every other time he catches the basketball if he’s off the ball. He catches the ball, moves both his feet. You see it happen all the time.”

Of course, this is nothing new. People have been making fun of LeBron’s travelling for ages. But it’s funnier when Phil Jackson points it out—you know, because of Jackson’s 13 NBA championship rings and reputation for being a basketball genius.

In any case, it gives us a good excuse to watch this LeBron James travelling supercut and have a good laugh at the greatest player of his generation:


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