Mets Fans Have the Worst Grammar In the Majors (Infographic)

Mets Fans Have the Worst Grammar

Going to the Internet to study people’s grammar is basically like a suicide mission. You can’t hope for triumph, you can only minimize the damage done to your eyes and brain. So it was kind of nice to see the Grammarly Blog come to the conclusion that some MLB fans can actually construct a sentence or two.

The blog visited the sites of all the teams and analyzed the top 150 comments for their grammar.

It turns out that Cleveland fans came in first with only 3.6 errors every 100 words, and the Mets Fans came in last with 13.9. Almost four times as bad. Ouch.

Somehow, someone’s going to tie in the designated hitter controversy to the grammar of MLB fans.

Here’s the rundown:



Hey! The Red Sox beat the Yankees! I know at least two fan bases that will probably have something to say about this.

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