Big Bro Saves His Siblings from an Asdrubal Cabrera Homer (Video)

Rays Fan Catch Asdrubal Cabrera homer 1

When Asdrubal Cabrera sent a homer into the stands to give the Rays a 4-2 lead over Toronto on Tuesday, one brave kid reached out to snag the ball, saving his siblings.

Seated next to him, his two younger siblingsĀ seemed oblivious that a hard-hit ball was flying towards their heads. And while the dad (I presume) on the left covered his head and leaned back, the kid leaned into danger. Not only did he keep his brother and sister out of harm’s way, but he got a pretty awesome souvenir to remind him (and them) of that forever.

Here’s the clip:

In case that was too quick for you, here’s a snapshot of the moment the kid caught the ball:

Rays Fan catch Asdrubal Cabrera homer 2

I like that, in retrospect, the kid is getting more glory for this play than Asdrubal Cabrera does. I mean, he gets enough attention. I think the kid earned this one.

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