This Guy Beat ‘Super Mario World’ In 23 Minutes…Blindfolded (Video)

Super Mario World

A year or so ago, there were some videos of a guy that would look at a Rubik’s cube for about 10 seconds, memorize the positions, then solve it blindfolded inside of a minute. I used to think that was impressive. Now I think that guy can go to hell, because we’ve got a new guy that can do freakish things while blindfolded.  Like beat the entire game of Super Mario World.  In 23 minutes.

I don’t think I could do that without a blindfold in 23 hours. Maybe I could. But I don’t want to try.

This hero’s username is PangeaPanga, and he only started practicing blindfolded on June 16th.

Here he is now:

I don’t have much else to add. I don’t understand this at all, and am not sure how it works. But I like it. I get how you run through the levels, but taking on a boss seems like you would have to rely completely on dumb luck.

In any event, this is the best run of Super Mario World I’ve ever seen, and I wonder what other video games he could take on. NFL Blitz?

Hat Tip – [Kotaku]


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