Watch Barry Bonds Hit Home Runs from the Ladies Tee at His Youth Baseball Camp (Video)

Barry Bonds Hits Home Run from the Ladies Tees

This week, Barry Bonds‘ baseball academy teamed up with Future Prospects Baseball Academy to put on a youth baseball camp in the Bay Area. And on Wednesday, Bonds took part in the camp’s home run derby.

That would have been a major selling point for me—watching Barry Bonds take part in a home run derby. I don’t recognize the guy as Major League Baseball’s true home run king because his incredible accomplishments were so obviously fueled by performance-enhancing drugs, which takes away from their historical significance. But I’ll admit that he sure as hell was entertaining to watch, and I wouldn’t mind seeing that sweet swing launching some balls over the fence again.

Unfortunately, Barry’s home run derby did not live up to my expectations. The guy did not hit from home plate, or even the middle of the infield. He hit from the middle of the outfield.

In fact, it appears Bonds was closer to the outfield fence than home plate:

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking the guy. He’s 50 years old. All I’m saying is, when I heard there was an Instagram video of Barry Bonds taking part in a home run derby I was excited, and when I saw it was disappointed.