Source Says P. Diddy’s Son Was Bullied By Sal Alosi (Video)

P. Diddy's son bullied by Sal Alosi

With the P. Diddy assault case still just a few days old, we expect the rumors and reports about what exactly happened at the UCLA campus on Monday to continue to surface over the following couple of weeks.

As for the latest report/rumor, it suggests that the reasoning behind P. Diddy’s scuffle with UCLA strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi may have to do with the fact that Alosi was taking his bullying of Diddy’s son, Justin Combs, a little too far.

According to Page Six:

“Justin has been bullied for nearly three years,” said a source, adding Alosi’s been riding him “in front of the team. It’s been over the top.” The source said that Justin, a redshirt junior, “has taken it — and done what’s expected of him.” But “Justin has been a real target of this coach, who’s been bullying him, and [Alosi] kicked him out of practice and told him to go home and not to come back till the end of the summer.”

The source said it was when the hip-hop mogul found his son at home that he headed to UCLA with Justin. “Sean wanted to go down there to see what happened. He went with no entourage, no security. Just to talk to the coach. He wanted to figure out the problem. The coach refused to talk,” our source said.

And that’s when kettlebells started to fly.

Of course, that’s just one take on the story.  For another, check out what former UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel had to say about the incident in the video below:

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