Foxboro Country Club Puts A ’12’ on Each Hole for Tom Brady (Video)

Foxboro Country Club

If you’re going to play Foxboro Country Club, you may want to save the drinking until you get to the clubhouse, because they found a very confusing way to show some love and support for hometown hero Tom Brady. Above every hole flies a “12” flag, which is, of course, Tom Brady’s jersey number.

Why are they doing it? Is Tom Brady sick or something?

Nope. It’s (sigh) DeflateGate-related. Apparently, Tom Brady can only make it through the administrative hearings aided by the strength that little golf course flags give him.

That’s pretty much the logic of Club Manager Matt Killilea, who offered up this: “We feel that this is a miscarriage of justice, way too much penalty for not enough crime, and we wanted to show our support for our hometown team.” 

That’s right. It’s a “miscarriage of justice.” It’s almost certainly the worst thing that’s ever happened to country club members anywhere.

You can watch this crazy coverage for a little more detail into why this is a thing that we’re making you learn about:

Hat Tip – [abc6]

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