Chile’s Gonzalo Jara Sexually Assualted Uruguay’s Edinson Cavani During the Copa America Quarterfinals (Videos)

chile gonzalo jara fingers edinson cavani in the butt

“No,” you said when you saw this headline. “This cannot be real. Surely this must be clickbait.” But let me assure you this is not clickbait. Some people might be reluctant to call what Chilean defender Gonzalo Jara did to Uruguay’s Edinson Cavani sexual assault. But make no mistake, if Jara did it to a woman walking down the street, or standing on a subway car, or dancing at a club, he’d be in jail right now.

So what did Jara do? With Chile and Uruguay tied 0-0, Jara walked up behind Edinson, patted him on the butt, then stuck his finger right on in there.

That’s right. Jara fingered Cavani in the ass.

As you can imagine, Cavani didn’t like that. So he ever-so-gently slapped Jara on the face. In fact, it was so gentle that you can barely even see him do it.

But the referee saw it. And he saw Jara fall to the ground in feigned agony. So the ref gave Cavani a yellow card. Which was his second of the game. Which means he was ejected.

Take a look:


So if you’re keeping score at home, Gonzalo Jara fingered Edinson Cavani in the butt, but Edinson Cavani got ejected. Then Uruguay lost 1-0 on a goal scored after Cavani was sent off.

Of course, CONMEBOL will certainly be handing out some supplemental punishment here. If Luis Suarez got a four month ban for biting, they’ve got to come down pretty hard on butt-fingering, right?

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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