The Jiri Hudler Lady Byng Acceptance Speech Was Easily the Most Entertaining Part of the 2015 NHL Awards (Video)

jiri hudler lady byng acceptance speech

When you think about it, pretty much everything about the NHL’s Lady Byng Memorial Trophy is weird—from the fact that it’s called the Lady Byng trophy, to the fact that it celebrates “gentlemanly conduct” in a sport that sanctions bareknuckle fistfights between toothless goons.

But hey, they’ve been handing the thing out since 1925, so I guess there’s no point stopping now. And given the way the NHL hands out awards these days—at a fancy awards show in Las Vegas—there’s at least a chance that the guy who wins it might make an interesting speech.

It’s a very slim chance, of course. Hockey players are a lot of things—tough as nails, paragons of fitness, loyal teammates—but they’re not known for being public speakers. But at the 2015 NHL Awards on Wednesday night in Vegas, the Calgary Flames’ Jiri Hudler showed he is in fact a great public speaker. Czech accent and all.

Seriously, the Jiri Hudler Lady Byng acceptence speech was the highlight of the entire show. You knew it was going to be good when he walked up on stage with no shoes on. After that he proceeded to crack a few jokes about coach Bob Hartley and teammate Johnny “Hockey” Gaudreau before thanking, among others, the Flames PR staff and the hockey writers who gave him the award. Then, to wrap things up, he talked about the birth of his daughter in January and how that means more to him than anything.

That’s right. Awwwww.

Take a look:

I say Jiri Hudler hosts the NHL Awards next year. Who’s with me?

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