This Guy Comes Up JUST Short Jumping Across Subway Track (Video)

Subway track

Normally, the closer you get to obtaining your goal, even if you failed, the prouder you can be. Not so with this nameless dude who decided the best place to demonstrate his long-jumping skills would be on a subway track platform. After a very casual approach, this guy missed the landing by a scant three inches.

Unfortunately, getting that close without making the jump means that he essentially jackknifed on the far edge, slamming his chest against the hard corner.


I mean, it’s kind of on him to know the risks associated with this act, so I’m not going to shed a tear. Here’s the video. Try to find some sympathy:


I do like the guy who turns to the camera. He’s like a surrogate for the entire YouTube audience. His face just says, “Yup. That’s why you don’t do that, ever.”

And he’s right. Don’t play on the subway track.

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