Watch Steph Curry’s Wife Drill a 3 on Her First Attempt (Video)

Steph Curry's wife

After seeing Steph Curry‘s wife, Ayesha, drill this 3-pointer on her first try, you’d think I would make a crack here about long-range accuracy being sexually transmitted, but I’m above that. That would be crass and terrible.

But she IS pregnant.

ANYWAY, she was on the set of NBA2k16’s mo-cap effort when she stepped up and did what so many NBA players can’t. She sank a three-pointer. And she’s about eight months pregnant. What’s DeAndre Jordan’s excuse for not being able to hit a free throw?

The video didn’t offer up a very enlightening screengrab, as you can tell from the pic above, but the clip tells the story just fine:


All jokes aside, Ayesha Curry really looks like she knows what she’s doing when she steps up to the line to let fly.

And because she managed to impress us with this nonchalant trey, we’re going to do something nice for her and link to her website. But if she wants a retweet or anything like that, she’s gonna have to dunk.

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