Frank Kaminsky Rocked a ‘Frank the Tank’ Jacket at the Draft

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Wisconsin star Frank Kaminsky was picked up at #9 by the Charlotte Hornets last night in the NBA draft. And because “Kaminsky” isn’t exactly the most fan-friendly name in the league, he reminded everyone of his nickname by rocking a “Frank the Tank” suit jacket with two tanks stitched on the inside.

Not one. Two.

Here’s the Tweet. Welcome to the Tank Show.

For those who haven’t seen Old School, or hung around a man aged 20-40, Frank the Tank is the former nickname given to Will Ferrell’s character when he was a big party animal in college.

At 7 feet and 242 pounds, I’m not exactly sure that Frank Kaminsky is built like a tank, but in college these nicknames just sorta get tossed out willy-nilly, so don’t put too much stock in it. Eddie Curry could have been a Frank the Tank, I think.


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