Man Gets Head Stuck in Trashcan at Golf Tourney. Yup. (Video)


TGIF, amiright? The week takes its toll on all of us, but Fridays are always a sign that we’ve managed to negotiate another week with our health and dignity intact. Except for the guy in this video. He has no dignity. And his health is probably wrecked from myriad trashcan diseases.

And it’s all his fault.

Well, I assume it’s this man’s fault. I suppose he could have slipped and fallen headfirst into a trashcan, but that’s still sorta his fault. I mean, learn how to walk, dude. Judging by those pants, I’m guessing this is either the type of guy that never says no to a dare, or the type of guy that will do anything for a laugh. Possibly both.

Well, I’m laughing, so if it’s the latter, mission accomplished, weirdo.

Here’s the video that delightfully, miraculously, doesn’t show us how this man got his head stuck in a trashcan at a charity golf tourney—rather, it just clues us into the fallout.

The video also states that the premise of the charity golf event was 24 hours of straight golfing, which sounds like hell. Maybe sticking his head in the trashcan was actually an improvement over golfing in the 22nd hour. Who knows? Who cares?

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