Jalen Rose NBA Draft Player Comparisons: Not So Great (Tweets)

jalen rose nba draft player comparisons

Jalen Rose gets paid actual money to watch the NBA Draft and tell the viewers at home a little bit about the players as they get picked. To do this, Jalen Rose compares the players getting picked to other players in the league with whom viewers are already somewhat familiar, which in theory is a good idea.

The problem? Most of the people watching the NBA Draft are already pretty familiar with the players getting picked, because most of the people watching the NBA Draft are more than just “casual” fans. Thus, when Rose makes terrible player comparisons, people know.

The player comparisons Jalen Rose was making at the 2015 NBA Draft last night? They were really terrible. Guy compared Karl-Anthony Towns to Patrick Ewing, Jahlil Okafor to Brook Lopez, Stanley Johnson to Caron Butler, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to Josh Smith, and Rashad Vaughn to Dion Waiters.

Twitter thought it was hilarious:

Oh, that last one reminds me…did I mention Jalen Rose compared D’Angelo Russell to MAGIC JOHNSON? Because he did.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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