Lakers Draft Pick Larry Nance Jr Once Called Kobe a Rapist on Twitter, so His First Day at Work Might Be Pretty Awkward (Tweets)

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Kids, be really careful what you say on the Tweetster and Insto-Grams. It could come back to haunt you.

Just ask Wyoming Cowboy-turned-Los Angeles Lakers draft pick Larry Nance Jr. Three years ago, Nance called Kobe Bryant a rapist on Twitter, referring to the 2003 rape allegations against the Lakers superstar. On Thursday night, the Lakers selected Nance with the 27th pick of the NBA Draft.

lakers draft pick larry nance called kobe a rapist on twitter
Now, the 2015-16 NBA season will almost surely be Kobe’s last. So it’s not like Nance will have to be around the guy for years to come. But Nance’s first day of work is going to be really uncomfortable.

As for the Lakers, GM Mitch Kupchak says he was aware of the tweet beforehand:

And I’m sure Kobe is really going to appreciate that, Mitch.

Nance wasn’t the only player to get burned by an old tweet at the NBA Draft, though. The Bulls selected Arkansas’ Bobby Portis with the no. 22 overall pick, and this is what Portis had to say about D-Rose and da Bulls four years ago:

bulls draft pick bobby portis tweet

However, to his credit, Portis immediately apologized to Bulls fans with a pretty great tweet:

You’re going to go delete a bunch of old tweets now, aren’t you?

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