LeBron to Opt Out of His Cavs Deal to See What They Do Next

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That has to be a scary headline in the wake of the news that Kevin Love is opting out of his deal as well. I have every expectation that LeBron returns to Cleveland, but this move in particular puts a lot of pressure on Cleveland’s front office to establish not just a good team, but a team to LeBron’s exact specifications, since the heart and soul of Cleveland is under no further obligation to return. In case you skipped that headline, Cleveland.com is reporting that LeBron James is planning onĀ opting out of his contract with the Cavs, and he will wait to see what the team does to improve before re-signing.

Of course, this is just a report, but it makes sense.

The moves LeBron would like to see made are the re-signings of Tristan Thompson and J.R. Smith, who King James sees as crucial players in any future playoff runs. Does this automatically preludeĀ Kevin Love’s return? Probably, considering LeBron won’t be recruiting him back to the Cavs. LeBron gets what LeBron wants.

What would be interesting is how LeBron handles the situation if he doesn’t get exactly what he wants. I still don’t think he’ll leave, but he might be unpleasant to deal with next season. Sort of a Kobe-type scenario.

Come to think of it, a Kobe-type scenario is probably exactly what a lot of fans would like to see from LeBron James in the future.

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