Michael Rapaport Didn’t Like the Knicks’ Draft Choice, Either (Video)

Michael Rapaport

Word came from the draft last night that Knicks fans booed their team’s #4 selectionKristaps Porzingis. That’s understandable. Foreign big men have always been a risky proposition in the early rounds, and it’s not like Knicks fans have a lot of faith in their front office these days.

Add actor Michael Rapaport to the roster of unhappy fans.

Michael Rapaport posted a video on Twitter of his reaction to the announcement, and it’s AWESOME. It’s the most obnoxious New York, NSFW reaction you could imagine. That’s another way of saying it’s exactly how you think Michael Rapaport would react.

Without further ado…

Hmm. Maybe Knicks fans have exactly the team they deserve.

And good luck to Kristaps Porzingis, who has the unwavering support of a whole city behind him.