Warren Sapp Charged with Three Counts of Domestic Battery

warren sapp charged with domestic violence

After getting busted for prostitution back in February, one would think Warren Sapp would be a little extra nice to his longtime girlfriend, Chalyce Moore. Or at least not bite her and step on her face. But no.

Moore recently filed a report with Las Vegas police about a domestic dispute that took place on April 28. After completing their investigating into the matter, authorities have charged the Hall of Fame defensive tackle with three counts of battery constituting domestic violence.

According to the report, the spat started in a private cabana at M Resort in Las Vegas. While arguing, Sapp threw a margarita in Moore’s face, then grabbed her arm or purse and violently pulled her, nearly knocking her down.

After that they left the resort and started driving back to Moore’s condo. The argument continued in the car, and when Moore finally stopped and told Sapp to get out, he bit her.

Eventually the couple did make it back to the condo, where more violence ensued. Sapp threw a belt at Moore. Moore threw it back at him. Then she somehow ended up on the floor, which is when the 300-pound former NFL player stepped on Moore’s face with his size 15 Jordan sandals.

If convicted, Sapp could spend up to 18 months in prison. He probably won’t, because he’s famous. But the damage to his reputation is almost certainly irreparable at this point, which means Sapp’s media career is over.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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