Bob Costas Lays a Sick, Sick Burn on Pedro Strop (Video)

Bob Costas

When we think of Bob Costas, we think of an idealistic Cardinals fan or the guy that hosted the nightly Olympics show with his eye hanging out of his face. However, we were treated to a new, vindictive side to the multi-sport announcer as he called the Cubs-Cardinals game on Friday.

During the contest, Cubs pitcher Pedro Strop got shelled and left the game. As he left, he looked towards the sky and said something. Here was Bob Costas’ response:

Oh my!

That seem disproportionately awful. He’s essentially saying that Pedro Strop is shaming his dead relatives with his pitching. Even if he IS (and he may have been), it’s not something you bring up during a broadcast.

Unless you want the world to collectively let out an “Oh, SNAP!”

Which we did.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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