J.J. Watt Is Scoring Hockey Goals Now (Video)

J.J. Watt

As if it wasn’t enough that defensive monster J.J. Watt was raising a ruckus on opposing offenses, he now threatens to dominate another sport as he took to the ice at the University of Wisconsin. Granted, there were no defenders, but the Houston Texans’ lineman still managed to impress as he used some pretty fluid skating and puckwork to pull up and shoot. And in case you’re still wondering why Watt was playing hockey at a college, it was a charity thing.

Here’s the video. He looks pretty comfortable on those skates.

Ok. Let’s keep basketballs and baseballs out of his hands for at least the next 12 months. Just to give all those players headstarts.

Hat Tip – [Houston Texans]

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