Alabama Kicker Eddie Pineiro Knocks Down 73-Yard FG (Video)

Alabama Kicker

Kickers don’t get a lot of love, but Eddie Pineiro might be doing something to change that. The Junior College transfer is currently regarded as the best kicking prospect in the nation, and he backed up that praise by knocking down a 73-yarder. The record in the NFL is 64 yards. Sure, Pineiro’s kick came during a practice, where the stakes are much lower, but that’s still insane.

Here he is. Granted, he’s the only guy out there, but it’s still a sight to behold:

The Alabama kicker has committed and is expected to start this season. I mean, do they have someone that’s better? Teach him how to tackle in the open field and he’ll have the whole package.

As the Tweet says, it was a personal record, so we’ll see if 74 yards is in the cards for him later this off-season, I would guess.

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