Chris Brown Broke Some Ankles in a Charity B-Ball Game (Video)

Chris Brown

To clarify, due to Chris Brown’s history of violence: Chris Brown didn’t ACTUALLY break anyone’s ankles. To my knowledge. Rather, he had some ballhandling moves so sharp that players were falling over, AS IF their ankles had been broken.

Or maybe he got pissed off before the game and broke some people’s ankles for real. Anything’s possible. BET and Sprite put together their annual charity game, and who better to speak to the desire to give and help others than…Chris Brown?

Whatever. He’s terrible.

But Chris Brown, despite his countless shortcoming, did seem to earn his invitation on the court with some pretty slick ballhandling. Here’s the video:

His teammates and opponents consisted of the likes of Floyd Mayweather (another great guy), The Game (fine), and Snoop Dogg (better than fine).

Really, none of those guys could have blocked a ball back into Breezy’s face?

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