Gronk Freestyle Rapping at Some Random Bar in Georgia? Yep, that Sounds About Right (Video + Pics)

gronk freestyle rapping

This weekend the Gronk party bus rolled in to Savannah, Georgia, where a childhood friend of Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski was getting hitched.

Just take a moment to let the full weight of that sentence sink in. Gronk at a wedding. With an open bar. And women who are feeling sad about the fact that they aren’t the one getting married. It’s like throwing a shark into a crowded aquarium. Only all the fish are drunk, and the shark loves to dance.

But I digress. Like I said, Gronk was in Savannah for a wedding over the weekend, so he obviously hit up the Savannah party scene. And, as always, he made quite an impression.

Here’s a photo of Gronk with a gaggle of sexy waitresses at one bar:

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Here’s a photo of Gronk hanging out with some other women at another bar:

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And, last but not least, here’s a video of Gronk freestyle rapping, having jumped up on stage with the house band, seemingly uninvited:

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For most of us, “that one time I jumped up on stage and started freestyle rapping” would be your greatest drinking story ever.

For Rob Gronkowski, it’s just another Saturday.

Hat Tip – [Busted Covereage]

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