MotoGP Racer Niklas Ajo Finishes Avoids Deadly Crash by Finishing Race on His Knees (Video)

niklas ajo insane motogp finish

Some headlines are self-explanatory, but this is not one of them. This one just begs more questions—like how the hell does a guy finish a MotoGP race on his knees? And how the hell does that save him from a deadly crash?

So let me explain. At the Moto3 event at the Grand Prix of Netherlands on Saturday, Finnish racer Niklas Ajo was in eighth place and leading a group of racers around the last bend in the course when he got a little too aggressive and lost control of his bike. However, because Ajo was so close to the wall, he knew that if he just let go he’d crash pretty hard and probably break a few bones, ending his season. So instead he hung on to the handlebars for dear life and somehow managed to regain control of his bike while dragging alongside it on his knees. And that’s how he finished the race—hanging off the bike, steering it from his knees.

Take a look:

The Moto3 division of MotoGP features the less-powerful bikes and racers who are still honing their talents. You’d never know it judging from that finish, though. Because that finish was absolutely insane.

Remind me to never drive a superbike.

Hat Tip – [Mirror]

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