Good God What Is Orbit the Houston Astros Mascot Doing? (GIF)

houston astros mascot orbit wrangles dong-like ostrich

So it turns out there are at least two different costumes for Orbit, the Houston Astros mascot. There’s the costume for regular Orbit, a bi-ped baseball-loving alien. Then there’s an Orbit-riding-an-ostrich costume, in which the guy in the suit puts his legs in the ostrich legs while Orbit’s legs dangle off the ostrich’s shoulders.

Why is there a special Orbit-riding-an-ostrich costume? Why not an Orbit-riding-a-horse, or an Orbit-riding-a-dinosaur costume? This I cannot tell you. What I can tell you is that the Orbit-riding-an-ostrich costume was deployed during the Astros-Yankees game on Sunday. And at certain angles, the ostrich head from the Orbit-riding-an-ostrich costume looks an awful lot like something they probably didn’t intend for it to look like.

Not from this angle…

houston astros mascot orbit riding an ostrich 1

And not necessarily from this angle…

houston astros mascot orbit riding an ostrich 2

But from this angle?

Yep, that ostrich head sure does look a lot like a giant grey dong.

I’ve seen a lot of disturbing mascots doing a lot of disturbing mascot things. But this one’s right up there at the top. That is just messed up.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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