Paraguayan Striker Derlis Gonzalez Scores Winning PK Against Brazil, Uncle Dies of a Heart Attack

paraguayan soccer player derlis gonzalez uncle dies of heart attack

You don’t have to know much about soccer to surmise that Paraguay beating Brazil in the knockout stage of a major tournament is a big deal. Brazil is Brazil, perhaps the greatest soccer powerhouse on earth. Paraguay is Paraguay, a country of about 7 million that most people outside Latin America couldn’t locate on a map. When Derlis Gonzalez scored the winning PK in a shootout against Brazil in the Copa America quarterfinals on Saturday, to say people back home went batsh*t insane would probably be an understatement.

Unfortunately for Gonzalez, who also tied the game on a PK in the 72nd minute, he can’t just sit back and enjoy his newfound status as Paraguay’s greatest soccer hero. After the match, the Basel FC striker learned from his wife that his 44-year-old uncle, Irrazabal Manuel, suffered a fatal heart attack after watching his nephew beat Brazil.

Later that night Gonzalez tweeted the news himself:

“Why today uncle?” the tweet reads. “Why? You left me after a heart attack because I gave you so much joy and so much happiness. I can’t believe it.”

Man that’s a bummer. Our hearts go out to Gonzalez and his family.

Hat Tip – [Independent]

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