Cyclist Fight! A Couple of Guys Mix It Up at the Longsjo Classic in Massachusetts (Video)

cyclist fight longsjo classic

You don’t see cyclist fights very often. It’s not for a lack of acrimony. Cyclists are constantly crashing into each other while jostling for position, and this creates plenty of hard feelings. But it’s pretty hard to engage in fisticuffs while perched atop a bike travelling 20 miles per hour.

Of course, every once in a while there’s a crash or some other stoppage. And when that happens, tempers sometimes flare.

The cyclist fight we have for you today comes from the Longsjo Classic in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, on Sunday. We don’t yet know the whole story, unfortunately. All we know is that 31-year-old Dave Warner somehow ended up on the ground just past the finish line with 26-year-old Jerome Townsend standing over him, cursing and throwing haymakers.

Take a look:

Though Townsend is the only one seen throwing punches in this video, that does not mean Warner is innocent of any wrongdoing. USA Cycling is now looking into the incident, and as Longsjo Classic race director Allan Cote points out, their investigation is obviously going to focus on what went down between these two prior to punches being thrown.

Usually these type of situations result in suspensions from USA Cycling. However, given that Townsend has already been dismissed from his racing team and issued a public apology, one would think he may be spared.

Hat Tip – [Sentinel & Enterprise]

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