Fred Smoot Said He Played With ‘Several’ Gay NFL Players

Fred Smoot

Former NFL corner Fred Smoot is launching a podcast. And as such, he went to Reddit to do one of those AMAs to promote it. During the course of the online interview, he was asked a couple questions about the presence of gay players in the NFL. Fred Smoot claims that while Michael Sam may have been the first openly gay NFL player, he certainly wasn’t the first gay player.

The whole thing is so nonchalant and subdued, it’s almost heartening. Here’s a transcript of the exchange:

Q: Did you encounter any gay players?
A: yes. several.

Q: At the professional level? Was it a don’t ask don’t tell kind of thing, or did everybody on the team generally know?
A: everyone knew

Q: We’re they treated noticeably different? Or did nobody really care?
A: no one cares

There ya have it. There were gay people that everyone knew about and no one cared and no one talked about it. And I’m sure everyone was happy with things that way.

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