Brett Favre, At 45, Thinks He Could Still Play in the NFL

Brett Favre

It’s been four years since Pac-Man, Brett Favre, took a snap in the NFL. Even then, it was clear that his best years were way behind him.  He’s now 45 years old. When asked by Sports Illustrated if he could still play, he said yes.

Then no.

Then yes again.

It was kind of confusing, so I’ll let you sort through his response and draw your own conclusion.

“I think I could play. As far as throwing. Of course, we’re not trying to start some he’s-coming-out-of-retirement deal. Do I think I could play and lead a team? Look, no. But I could play. I could make all the throws I made before, I just couldn’t throw it near as far, but that never matters anyway.”

Ok. Some cryptic comments from Brett Favre, a guy who looks more and more like Father Time every day. I guess he’s saying that he can do all the things a QB does individually, one-at-a-time, but it sounds like if you put him on the receiving end of a Suh or Watt, he’d probably shatter his hip.

Something tells me Aaron Rodgers doesn’t need to watch his back. A really, really old guy that used to play on your team made a throwaway remark about playing, then vacillated. BUT, I do think that Favre could make some decent contributions to the Jets in the ’15-’16 season.

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