Dee Gordon Shows His Wheels with an Inside the Park HR (Video)

Dee Gordon

Normally, it takes a well-hit ball and a pretty monumental screw-up to tally an inside-the-park home run. However, Dee Gordon of the Miami Marlins is so fast that it only takes a well-hit ball and a MEDIUM-SIZED screwup for him to get a four-bagger. Yup, the Giants outfielders seemed to need a second pass on the bouncing ball, but whatever. Nothing will diminish this moment.

The home run not only put the Marlins on the board, but it gave them a 3-1 lead over San Fran. And the icing on the cake?

It was Dee Gordon’s first home run of the season.

If you didn’t watch the above video, I have to tell you: A) You missed a great home run, and B) You missed Dee Gordon sincerely exclaim “I got a homer!!!” when he got back to the dugout. And it was pretty damn cute.

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