LeBron May Have Given a Sneak Peak of the Nike LeBron 13s (Pic)

Nike LeBron

LeBron James was wearing some new, unfamiliar shoes on the court at a Nike Basketball Academy event. Normally, that wouldn’t be a big deal, but because the celebrity in question is LeBron James, and the curious parties are sneakerheads, this is a VERY big deal.

You see, the word finding its way through the Internet right now is that LeBron may have given the world its first glimpse of the Nike LeBron 13s.

They look…cool. Really cool. I don’t have the lexicon to go into detail as to why these sneakers are cooler than other sneakers, but I’m guessing at least a part of it is due to who they are attached to.

Here they are again:

LeBron May Have Given a Sneak Peak of the Nike LeBron 13s

Man. That’s a hell of an outfit. I don’t know many other men who can pull off a maroon pair of shoes, day-glo orange shorts (Infrared colorway?), two knee braces, and a tank top. He makes it work, though. I guess you have to factor in the confidence of being anointed the greatest basketball player in the world. That helps.

If these are the new Nike LeBron 13s, I think Nike might have a hit on their hands.

Hat Tip – [Sole Collector]


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