Under Armour Reminds The World That Steph Curry Can Dunk (Video)

,Steph Curry

Lest you think that Steph Curry of the World Champion Golden State Warriors is a guy who lives and dies largely by jump shots, Under Armour would like to present this video. Of course, Steph Curry is Under Armour’s golden boy, so any good press for Steph is good press for the apparel company.

This video, appearing to take place at a basketball camp, aims to prove that Steph if very capable of throwing down some pretty sick dunks – he just chooses not to.

Here’s the clip:

Wow. That was pretty damn sharp. Steph Curry for dunk contest! Steph Curry for president in 2016! With Joran Spieth as VP! I’m voting the Under Armour ticket this fall, and you should, too!

It’s a shame we don’t get to see more of Steph Curry going hard to the rim. If this video is any indication, it would be a lot of fun to watch. However, I guess they have a good thing going with the way things are, so he’ll leave that to his teammates while he annihilates shooting records. That seems to be doing the trick just fine.

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