Lil’ Jon Threw Out a Terrible First Pitch at Petco Park (Video)

Lil' Jon

Lil’ Jon left our lives for a while, but came roaring back with last summer’s anthem “Turn Down for What?” As great as that song was (and it WAS great) it didn’t make him any better at baseball. The producer/rapper made an appearance at Petco Park in San Diego to throw out a first pitch before the Padres-Mariners game.

It…wasn’t very good.

However, after the game, he performed at the ballpark, which can absolve a lot of sins, even if many baseball traditionalists would rather eat their own fist than sit through a Lil’ Jon performance.

Look at how casual he looks. Put your back into it, LJ!

Too much arc! Get aggressive. I’d rather see someone throw it in the dirt or over the catcher’s head with a little heat on it. But no such luck. Lil’ Jon joins the growing club of celebs who have thrown terrible first pitches.

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