Australian Tennis Douche Nick Kyrgios Rips Wimbledon Umpire (Videos)

nick kyrgios outburst

Sure, that headline may be a little harsh. But then Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios can be a pretty harsh guy.

On Wednesday, the 26th-ranked 20-year-old advanced to the third round with a convincing three-set victory over 35th-ranked Juan Monaco. However, an argument with chair umpire Ali Nili overshadowed his achievement. Apparently one of the linesmen ratted Kyrgios out for his foul language, and Kyrgios didn’t like it. The result was this exchange:

That was Kyrgios’s second run-in with a Wimbledon umpire in three matches. In the first round, he yelled “dirty scum” after having a conversation with chair umpire Mohamed Lahyani. Then, later in the match, he threatened to quit after a Lahyani overrule:

Of course, Kyrgios denied that the “dirty scum” comment was in reference to Lahyani, claiming instead that he was calling himself dirty scum. (How’s that for a lame excuse?)

As for Wednesday’s outburst, he blamed that on nerves, a sinus headache, and the umpire being a big dumb jerk-face.

“I just thought he thought he was top dog in the chair,” Kyrgios explained. “He was telling me not to speak to him, all that stuff.”

So what do we make of all this? While Kyrgios comes off as a pretty huge douchebag, tennis could actually use one of those right now. Douchebags who say controversial things and argue with umpires generate headlines. A hot-head like Kyrgios is probably good for the game. (See McEnroe, John.)

Especially when he’s also really good…

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