Shaq Completely Missed the Ball on a Pro-Am Drive (Video)


Generally, the bigger someone is, the worse at golf they’re going to be. If that theory is applied linearly, then Shaq should be considered about a third as good a golfer as a regular-sized person. Because he’s three times as big.

Shaq gave us some visual proof of that theory as he completely whiffed teeing off in front of a lot of people at the Greenbrier Classic Pro-Am. I think if you can’t shoot 50% from the free throw line, you’re probably not going to be a great golfer. But points to Shaq for getting out there and trying. And to his credit, he does try again and make some contact.

There we go. The only way this could have been better is if Shaq stumbled around a few times, then fell over. Then someone set that video to circus music. But this is still pretty good. Feel bad for his pro partner, though.

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