Shark Capsizes Kayak, Fisherman Gets Back in and Lands the Shark (Video)

shark capsizes kayak

Quick quiz. Say you are fishing in a kayak on the open ocean and the shark you have on your line capsizes said kayak, forcing you to swim for your life. Assuming you escape without getting eaten, what do you do next? Do you (a) say f**k this sh*t and go home, or (b) get back in your kayak and keep fighting the shark?

If you answered (a), congratulations! You are a sane person.

If you answered (b), you are probably Captain Ben Clancy, owner and operator of Stuart, Florida-based Chew on This Fishing Charters.

Clancy was recently fishing in a kayak on the open ocean when the shark he was fighting capsized said kayak, forcing him to swim for his life to a nearby boat. However, rather than calling it a day and conceding victory to the shark, Clancy decided to get back in the kayak and teach the fish who’s boss. (Hint: it’s Clancy.)

Take a look:

Obviously, if you’re looking for an “extreme fishing” experience, Ben Clancy’s Chew on This Fishing Charters is probably the way to go.

Personally, I’m going to stick to freshwater ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams.

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