Tabloids Say Tiger Woods Cheated on Lindsey Vonn with Jason Dufner’s Wife (Pics)

tiger woods amanda dufner

When Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn broke up back in May, they both claimed that their incredibly hectic lives were to blame. But nobody really believed that—at least, not entirely. In the back of our collective consciousness, we all kind of assumed that, given his well-documented history, Tiger had probably cheated on Lindsey.

Sure enough, according to The National Enquirer—so you know this is almost certainly 100% true because they always get their facts straight—Tiger Woods was cheating on Lindsey Vonn with Amanda Dufner, the now ex-wife of 2013 PGA champ Jason Dufner.

The Daily Mail had previously reported that Tiger cheated on Lindsey back in February during the Farmers Insurance Open. And a little more than a week after the Farmer’s Insurance Open, Jason and Amanda Dufner filed for a divorce. So you see how this rumor gained traction.

Of course, the Enquirer claims to have “sources” to back their claims up. According to these “sources,” Amanda was regarded as a bit of a flirt on the PGA Tour, and Jason was “devastated” when he found out about the supposed affair. Moreover, these same “sources” say the relationship between Tiger and Amanda is now getting “serious,” with Tiger supposedly flying her from Alabama to Washington to be with him during last month’s U.S. Open.

Again, this is the National Enquirer we’re talking about. And Tiger’s agent wrote an email to Fox411 saying the story is “absolutely 100 percent false” and a “complete lie and fabrication.”

But Tiger Woods is a sex addict. And Amanda Dufner is really hot. So while it would be sad if this were true (sleeping with a co-worker’s wife is really not cool) it wouldn’t be shocking per se.

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