The Trailer for the ‘Rocky’ Prequel ‘Creed’ Hits Hard (Video)


It would have been pretty easy for the producers and cast behind the Rocky prequel Creed┬áto just coast on name recognition. That’s what they did for Rocky 5 and Rocky Balboa. But taking a look at the son of Rocky’s mentor, Apollo Creed, allowed for a reboot with a new (kinda, not really) character and his new story.

And getting Michael B. Jordan from Friday Night Lights was a pretty strong move as well.

Here’s the trailer for the film, which follows Apollo Creed’s son as a young man making his way up in the world of boxing:

It looks pretty good. The timeless nature of boxing films make them ripe for setting them in an older context, as this period piece does. It also helps that no one wants to watch a film about boxers in 2015.

Creed comes out November 25th.

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