Anthony Davis Shows His Range after Signing $145MM Deal (Video)

Anthony Davis

In case the Pelicans were suffering any buyer’s remorse after takingĀ all of two minutes to give Anthony Davis the largest contract in NBA history, they can take some solace in knowing that he’s in the gym working.

And his range is pretty impressive. The league’s hottest big man was captured on tape draining 3s from around the court just two days after signing a ginormous $145 million, five-year contract.

Here’s the video. He’s got some money to earn:

That’s a nice touch. I can’t say that it’s a touch that’s twice as nice as a $70 million touch that some other players have, but for a big man, that’s a good stroke.

Now, if he can climb buildings and eradicate poverty and war, he might be worth that gaudy figure he’ll be working to earn after this season.

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