This Ball State Football Workout Is Insane in Every Way (Video)

Ball State

Ball State isn’t known as a perennial juggernaut on the football field. But I guess that affords the team the opportunity to do insanely crazy things like dress up like comic book villains, dogpile on each other, and lift obscene amounts of weight. All in all, it’s a pretty fun thing to watch. But I wouldn’t want to be there.

So I guess, in that regard, it’s sorta like Mardi Gras or the running of the bulls.

I can’t really even pick a highlight to point out as being more noteworthy than any other. It starts with a REALLY long bumper, then goes to the strength coach wearing Hulk gloves, and it somehow GETS CRAZIER FROM THERE!

Watch the video:

If you were thinking about skipping leg day, imagine these animals hunting you down and killing you.


(I think this video is going to force me to bet on Ball State at some point this year.)

Hat Tip – [BroBible]

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