Big Ben Stuck a Rookie with a $25K Bar Tab. What a Guy! (Video)

Big Ben

It’s been clear for some time now that Ben Roethlisberger isn’t going to win any humanitarian awards. But Rashard Mendenhall has a story that, while not surprising, will certainly validate a bit of the hate that Big Ben gets.

According to Mendenhall, rookies in Pittsburgh were on the hook for throwing big-ass NFL-caliber parties for the team at the beginning of the year, and one poor sap, who remains nameless, just turned his credit card over to Big Ben.

Being the stand-up guy he is, the multimillionaire quarterback put the tab on the rookie’s card, sticking him with a bill for $25,000.

Again, not surprising, but still terrible.

Mendenhall is now out of the league and a consulting writer for the ridiculous HBO TV show Ballers, in which things like this happen as a matter of course. At least we know the outlandish stuff from the show is rooted in truth.

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