Ray Allen Gave Away His Sneakers via Scavenger Hunt

Ray Allen

If you’re lucky enough to be sponsored by Nike, and be a part of the Jumpman team, you’re probably amassing more footwear than you know what to do with. However, that problem can be easily remedied, as veteran NBA starĀ Ray Allen demonstrated this week. The sharpshooter took to Instagram to give his followers clues on where he placed the shoes.

Knowing sneakerheads, this probably got enthusiasts from Seattle to Miami in on the Hartford, Connecticut area scavenger hunt.

Here is the story in picture form:

I’m doing some closet cleaning this morning and I have a lot of old shoes to give away. Be on the look out this week if you live in the Hartford area.

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They’re in Hartford somewhere

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I decided to get out of Hartford and go south a bit

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It’s like Saw, but for sneaker collectors!

All this off-timeĀ must be treating him well!

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